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"It Was Never about Today" on Bluntmoms..

The waters of parental fears run deep and the teen years anchor us far from our emotional shoreline..

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 "Secret Recipe" Selected by Mamalode for its Nourish Series

I believe on my tombstone it will say...She fed them well.  When you are raising three boys--no matter the ages and stages of those boys--much of how they view as a mother has to do with food...

Healthy things all grouped together logically is so much easier to ignore. But here at the checkout, I realize that fitness magazines are crap. Why? - See more at:

"Seventeen Summer Hours" picked up by BLUNTmoms!


5am - Alarm goes off. This is, allegedly, my moment of empowerment. New day. New start, blah, blah.

Bringing humor to the many challenges of parenting, driving a gigantic SUV full of smelly boys and their friends, letting go of the idea of perfection and tackling middle age all serve as my inspiration.

We all have common experiences, I just share my take on the absurdity of every day life.

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