Murphy the Wonder Dog and therapist.

Mac just trying to see things more clearly.
The family truckster, my junk drawer on wheels, where all the action happens.

My poor, long-suffering husband.

Meet Our Team

Okay there is no team, it is all smoke and mirrors. BUT these are the poor people that are subjected to publication and mortification. And my cooking.

Why My Blog Anyway?

Maureen Stiles

Finding humor in kids & chaos
Drew, who does not always walk around with a trophy.

Reed who dresses in all neon when not suffering the confines of a uniform.

Mom of three boys who lives in her car and is only home long enough to cook, sleep and get trash bags to clean out car from eating meals and driving all day in it. Will reluctantly admit some of the trash--ok a lot of the trash-- is hers. She writes from home with the dog, Murphy, who is really the only male in the entire house that understands her.

Bringing humor to the every day challenges of parenting, driving a suburban full of smelly boys and their friends, letting go of the idea of perfection and tackling middle age.

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I am you.

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I really try to be magnificent.

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